Saturday, January 28, 2012

R2D2 - Lucy's Birthday 2011

I was given the opportunity to make Lucy's cake. Scott just wanted to buy one, and Ariane thought it would be fun to make one, and then I offered my services. It was R2-D2 and I must say it turned out fantastic. Lucy was super excited for her cake. R2 is her favorite Star Wars character, and I was more than happy to oblige. It was two layers one chocolate layer and one yellow layer with chocolate frosting in the middle.
I got the pattern to draw R2 from this website How to Draw Cartoons Online and the step by step instructions were very helpful. I'm sure I'll use it again another day for another cake. I used my Wilton frosting tips 2, 16, and 18 to do the stars and striping and outlining, and I also used a few frosting bags with just the tip cut off for some of the outlines and details. I learned three things while making this cake. 

My adorable niece and her awesome cake

1) Don't buy the cheap frosting color it's not worth it in the end when the added color breaks down the consistency of the frosting and it starts running out like ink. Oh, and my finger is still green.

2) If using decorating sugar for details; it doesn't take as much as you think it should.

3) When freezing your cake, make sure it is lying flat in the freezer because when it defrosts and settles, it will crack your frosting. (I need a bigger freezer.)

Everyone at the party was amazed by my caking skills and my mother-in-law took the opportunity to brag about me. (he he) One of Scott's cousins actually thought it was from the store (I like that compliment.) But now I have requests for cakes from Ariane's sister. Her son's birthday is in April and I said I was willing. I have a few people who have also requested cakes, but I don't know how generous I'm feeling. I may have to start charging for my time but then I'll be just as bad as the grocery store.