Thursday, June 6, 2013

2012 The End of It All

After such a busy summer it was really nice to take a break from Caking. Sort of. I missed having the use of my arm and was shocked and surprised on how long it persisted in hurting. I didn’t back again until December. Two cakes requested for the same day.
Sure I could do it… before the broken elbow thing. After the broken elbow? That had yet to be seen.
This is the first cake I made post elbow.
A birthday cake for one of my friends. Her birthday happened to fall on December 21 2012. This day, according to the Mayan Calendar, was supposed to be the end of the world. So we went with that theme.
First I had to make the earth. I used the Wilton “Sports Ball Pan Set” I hadn’t used the pan set before, so I was pleased with the cake I got out of it. Nice and round.
Next I created the earth. So pretty.
I wasn’t going for perfectionism. I just wanted it to resemble the idea of a planet.

The earth at 11:59 pm December 20, 2012

The earth at 12:01 am on December 21, 2012

The cake was fun to make. Especially the destroying the earth part.

I AM IRON MAN, Na Na Na Na Na NA NA (ala AC/DC)

Another cake I got to make on December 21st was for my niece. She was turning 4 on the last day of the world. Her cake of choice was… Iron Man. A girl after my own heart.


To make the cake fun my husband and I found an Arc Reactor in the toy section, you know, the ones that light up and make noise. I had thought that maybe I’d cut a round out of the center of the cake and install the reactor, but as it turned out it sat very well on the top. I had all sorts of Ideas on how to do the cake; in the end I used the Superman/Batman Pan to get the hero shape. (This pan has a most amusing story behind it.)


My arms were tired from decorating the other cake I had made this day, so I’m not as proud of this cake as I should be. It turned out great. But it could have been better. But Kira loved it anyway.




And Just a side note on how absolutely adorable my nieces are:


My Lucy requested an Avenger Ponies cake… Sadly I wasn’t able to make it for her, but it would have been Awesome! Maybe next year.



Avenger Ponies on YouTube