Monday, July 30, 2012

All Drains Lead to the Ocean

My nephew turned 1 in June. His mommy asked me to make his cake. (Which I have recently learned are called "Smash" cakes. I didn't know that before.) I was told to make a fish. So I did.

How do I make my Cakes?
First off I start by making a mess...

And then I make art...

I also made a cake for the big people to eat.

Cooper enjoyed his cake.

Even mommy had to have a taste.

I've Got Butterflies

The same weekend that I made Darth Vader an old friend of mine called from out of the blue and asked if I could/would make a butterfly cake for her oldest who was turning 5 that week. Being the sucker that I am I said yes, and set myself up for a weekend of busy cake making.

 This is the first cake I ever made  from scratch.

It turned out well.
  I was told that it tasted really good, but I didn't get to try it because it was full of milk.

The frosting job turned out good too. The group of 5 year-old girls thought it was amazing.
I think it turned out pretty, don't you?

That's my curious cat trying to see what I was doing.

I Am Your Father.....

Our friends came to visit from St. Lewis in June. We always love to see them when the come by. This time they showed up around their son's birthday. And who would they ask to make his birthday cake?
That's right. ME.

They've trying to teach him to appreciate Star Wars so I was asked for a Star Wars themed cake. I happened to have a cake pan that fit the situation.


Teach Me Something New

Me & My Big Sister
Back in May I decided that I wanted to take a class on cake decorating. Mostly just too see what there was that I didn't already know or hadn't figured out for myself. Being the shy girl that I am I had no desire to walk into a class alone with a bunch of strangers so I invited my sister. It wouldn't hurt us to have some girl time together, we haven't done that in a very long time. I signed us up for the Wilton Cake Decorating Class and that's what we did every Tuesday night through the month of May.

We had fun participating. I learned all sorts of things I didn't know, and some things I did know.

  • Stuff we learned in our classes:
  • How to Bake a Great Cake
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Using Decorating Bags and Couplers
  • Icing the Cake
  • Leveling and Torting the Cake
  • Using the Star Tip
  • Drop Flower, Rosette
  • Dimensional Decorating
  • Shell
  • Pompom Flower, Leaves
  • Filling and Icing a Cupcake
  • Guidelines for Elementary Cake Design
  • Printing, Writing, Rose Base
  • Piping Gel Pattern Transfer
  • Ribbon Rose
  • Guidelines for Decorating Your Cake

This is my first cake I made in the class.

Then there was the fun of cupcakes. See those awesome rose swirls.

 And we learned how to make some flowers with frosting.

This is my Final Project Cake.... Mostly done.

I added a few extra details.

 And this is my sister's Final Project Cake. Isn't it cute?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

I have fallen behind on my cake blogging. It has been a crazy summer so far and it seems like I’m making at least one cake a month if not two.

Here we’re going to transport ourselves back to May 6, 2012 with this fabulous TARDIS cake I completed for a friend of a friend who has a Doctor Who obsession.

Now, granted this isn’t what I’d put on my list as a “Great Job” but considering the circumstances I made it under (a bad reaction to new medication, and a 100 degree fever) I’d say it’s pretty darn good.

The Black and White wavy lines around the outer edge are to make it appear as though it is traveling through space.... oooo.... ahhh.... Nice.