Saturday, January 28, 2012

TARDIS - John's Birthday 2011

If you ignore the blurry-ness of the photo, (it seems I can't hold my camera still after holding a frosting bag for so long,) the frosting job turned out pretty good.
I made the chocolate cake (out of the box) in my bread/meat loaf pan and cooked it using the bunt cake directions on the back of the box. After it was cooked I skimmed off the top with a long knife using the pan rim as my guide, and threw it in the freezer while I made the frosting. Once it cooled a bit I did the crumb layer of frosting and popped it back in the fridge to solidify. I saved out about a cup of frosting to use for the white and black for later while I tried to come up with the correct TARDIS blue. That was harder than I thought. In the end it was a lot of blue and a few dabs of black coloring and it turned out a bit blue-gray, and that was good enough for me. I used John's Christmas TARDIS for my pattern and used my Wilton frosting tips 2, 46, and 47 for the detailing. The only things not edible on this are the signs because I cheated on the notice and ambulance service signs and printed those out on just plain old paper and pasted them on with a touch of frosting.  All in all I think it is pretty awesome.