Thursday, June 6, 2013

I AM IRON MAN, Na Na Na Na Na NA NA (ala AC/DC)

Another cake I got to make on December 21st was for my niece. She was turning 4 on the last day of the world. Her cake of choice was… Iron Man. A girl after my own heart.


To make the cake fun my husband and I found an Arc Reactor in the toy section, you know, the ones that light up and make noise. I had thought that maybe I’d cut a round out of the center of the cake and install the reactor, but as it turned out it sat very well on the top. I had all sorts of Ideas on how to do the cake; in the end I used the Superman/Batman Pan to get the hero shape. (This pan has a most amusing story behind it.)


My arms were tired from decorating the other cake I had made this day, so I’m not as proud of this cake as I should be. It turned out great. But it could have been better. But Kira loved it anyway.




And Just a side note on how absolutely adorable my nieces are:


My Lucy requested an Avenger Ponies cake… Sadly I wasn’t able to make it for her, but it would have been Awesome! Maybe next year.



Avenger Ponies on YouTube