Monday, October 14, 2013

Sargento Cheese VoxBox Awesomeness... Kinda

Thanks to VoxBox and I have had the privilege to try Sargento Cheese Snacks.

I’ll admit. I don’t think I ever bought Sargento Brand Cheeses before… and I don’t know if I would again. My husband and I are string cheese fans. However the cheese must have the right texture and flavor to be considered good.

Thus brings me to SARGENTO! (When you say the name don’t you think it should be shouted as an exclamation, or is that only me?)

I got two Coupons in my VoxBox. One for a FREE package of cheese snacks, and another for $1.00 off cheese snacks. I decided to use them both.

I purchased a package of Mozzarella String Cheese and a package of Sharp Cheddar Cheese Snacks. The packaging itself is sneaky in the fact that it is red and it’s been proven that the color red makes your brain think it’s hungry.

Let’s start with the Sharp Cheddar since that was the package we opened first…. In my own opinion -- I don’t like it.

The first stick I pulled from the package discouraged me with the way it felt between my fingers. It was squishy-soft.

The cheese itself lacked the flavor I was looking for in a SHARP CHEDDAR. There should be some bite to it and when eaten the texture between your teeth should be semi-firm. The taste of it was reminiscent of American cheese… You remember that gross cheese your parents would feed kids in the 80’s. This I definitely wouldn’t buy for myself again. However if I needed a cheese for little kids I might choose this.

The String Cheese was slightly better. In the usual Mozzarella flavor this is a package I may purchase again if I had a coupon. The texture was firmer than the cheddar, and it had all the qualities I look for in string cheese. It peeled apart easily and was sufficiently stringy.

We love just eating string cheeses straight from the packages… but there are so many other uses for it as well.

Have you tried using your string cheese for:

            Addition to scrambled eggs

            Grilled cheese sandwiches

Steak sandwiches

Breaded cheese poppers

Deep fried cheese sticks.

Yeah, we use it a lot.

As a whole, it seems to me that Sargento seems to be a company that spends their time cutting cheese instead of making better cheese.


Go eat some cheese. It’s yummy.


I got my sample and that cute mini snack cheese cooler compliments of for review purposes.

This did not influence the content of my review.